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Electrical energy is an increasing demand in today’s world. With energy crisis being the major issue at the current period, the industry is definitely one of the leading sectors to have its impact in global economy. Population growth and demand for better infrastructure have expanded the energy market. Power transmission and distribution is a very exciting sector.

The power distribution market is becoming very competitive with new initiatives and demand for more power. This sector recruits a wide range of professionals ranging from field technicians to engineering personnel to managers and directors.

  • Derrickman
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Drilling Operations Director
  • Drilling Operations Manager
  • Drilling Operations Supervisor
  • Electric and Gas Operations Manager
  • Energy Dispatch Director
  • Energy Dispatcher
  • Engineer
  • Exploration Director
  • Exploration Manager
  • Fuels Handler
  • Fuels Trader, Sr.
  • Gas Scheduler
  • Gas Supply Manager
  • Geologist
  • HVAC Supervisor
  • Installation & Maintenance Technician
  • Installation & Maintenance Technician Manager
  • Installation & Maintenance Technician Supervisor
  • Landman
  • Lineman
  • Meter Maintenance Technician
  • Meter Reader
  • Meter Operations Supervisor
  • Oil and Gas Field Supervisor
  • Oil and Gas Superintendent
  • Oil well Pumper
  • Pipeline Operations Manager
  • Pipeline Technician
  • Pipelines Director
  • Pipelines Manager
  • Power & Fuel Marketing Director
  • Power Plant Operations Manager
  • Power Plant Operations Shift Supervisor
  • Power Scheduler
  • Power Scheduler Sr.
  • Radiation Technician
  • Rate Analyst
  • Refinery Operator
  • Research and Development Associate
  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Reservoir Engineering Manager
  • Top Business Services Executive – Fuels
  • Top Drilling Operations Executive
  • Drilling Operations
  • Top Exploration Executive
  • Top Gas Supply Executive
  • Chief Gas Supply Executive, Supply Executive , Top Gas Procurement Executive
  • Top Geology Executive
  • Top Installation & Maintenance Executive
  • Top Pipeline Executive
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Manager

Keeping these in view we have specialized recruitment solutions for this industry. Feel free to contact us for more tailor made manpower solutions or just submit your vacancy here and we will revert back at the earliest.

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